Who am I?

Who is Abel Prasad?

Who are we really?

Are we the people we make believe we are? Are we pretending to be something we are not? We like people's post on Facebook and these people we might not know. We follow people on Instagram who use filters and change their look for greater followers. My question is who are we really?


Hidden Lost Bewildered You will find a wander looking for a gem He will be hidden in the grass waiting for the light to die He will be lost in a world of lust and envy When he finds the gem he has been looking for he will be bewildered and understand eventually that the … Continue reading Location

When, Will, I by Abel Prasad

      When the world is cold, When my eyes water, When my friends recede. Will you be there? Will you be the one to make me smile again? Will it be the same? I just want to laugh, I don't want to be the man who dies slowly inside.