Overnight Success Does Not Exist

This was a great read and I've been wanting people to understand that success takes it time. Overnight Success Does Not Exist http://cristianmihai.net/2019/06/17/overnight-success-does-not-exist/ — Read on cristianmihai.net/2019/06/17/overnight-success-does-not-exist/


Who are we really?

Are we the people we make believe we are? Are we pretending to be something we are not? We like people's post on Facebook and these people we might not know. We follow people on Instagram who use filters and change their look for greater followers. My question is who are we really?


Sometimes I can't control my anger, I'm sorry it's something inside my brain The darkness the horror it sometimes slips I can't control it until I'm with you.


I can feel the numbing of my leg As a crawl towards the end I can feel the numbing on my knee The crawl is long but when I reach the end they say I'll be fine. I can feel the numbing of my hips The smell of death lingers around me. I can feel … Continue reading Cold