Who cares what others think

I learnt a very important lesson recently and that's not to worry about what others have to say about you. I was walking down the street a few days ago and a random person came up to me and had a go at me for being out of prison. I was feeling depressed and down … Continue reading Who cares what others think

Being Proud

Being proud of yourself when you have come out of prison is a hard thing to do. There will be people who don't believe you have been rehabilitated or believe you should still be in jail. When we are released from what I can only call hell is a scary thing. You walk out of … Continue reading Being Proud

RUOK, Mate?

I feel like the whole world is falling down on me and that I am trapped in a small room. I wake up is sweats and can't go back to sleep. I'm 31 and in these short years I've achieved so much, failed as much as I achieved and of course went to jail. There … Continue reading RUOK, Mate?