When you wake do you hear the noise that guides you? It’s the morning talk that inspires you to do good things. Start by waking up that’s the first step and then look at the positive energy around you. It will guide you throughout the day.

Let us take time today

Let us take time today to pray for the people who suffer, the people who think that they are not enough. It’s a deep dark world we live in, we are no longer innocent. Blood is on all our hands no matter what. We need to standup and speak up for people who can’t. WeContinue reading “Let us take time today”

Christchurch Terror Attack – Abel Prasad

I don’t understand what makes some want to hurt another one. We aren’t born with this in our mind, we aren’t taught this at school. To harm someone you physically hurt someone and how can that be just. Yesterday we lost 49 beautiful humans because some hateful people decided to end their life. I oftenContinue reading “Christchurch Terror Attack – Abel Prasad”


When you change to be a better person, sometimes other people won’t let you grow. I’ve been through this numerous times and I’ve come to the conclusion that you might change but the others still will live in a world they’ve never known. My two cents is that ignore the negative and embrace the positive.

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