Podcast: Benefits of Starting a Landscaping Business in Australia – Abel Prasad

The Real Issue: What does net zero emissions mean? Hobby Home and Garden

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced his Coalition government has agreed to aim for net zero emissions by 2050. But what does net zero mean, and how do you get there? As the world edges closer to COP26, a crucial United Nations climate summit hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, we answer the big questions about net zero 2050. What are net zero emissions? Net zero emissions means removing as much greenhouse gas from the atmosphere as what's emitted, so the net amount added is zero. That's right. But it's important to note that Australia is only committing to the 2050 net zero goal, it is not a legally binding target. Some Western countries have made their net zero targets a legally binding goal, and critics of Mr Morrison argue Australia needs to follow suit.
  1. The Real Issue: What does net zero emissions mean?
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  3. The Real Issue: Why sleep is important!
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Welcome to the latest podcast of Hobby Hydro and Homebrew

We are gonna talk about the Benefits of Starting a Landscaping Business in Australia

When you love what you do, Work can be extremely enjoyable not to mention profitable.

If you’ve already discovered your love for landscaping, then in your own business could put the road to success.

If you’re not sure where to start this guide is here to help you to get to the process of opening your own landscaping business.

So sit back relax and enjoy the podcast.

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Published by Abel Kalpi Nand Prasad

Abel Prasad is a larger than life Australian socialite with a colourful life and a little black book that has some of the most intriguing society personalities. Born in Australia 1987, Abel has a Fiji-Indian background. Abel devotes his time to those institutionalised in the correctional system. He has started to build a reputation within the Hydroponic and Aquaponic industry through his role in the social media influencers. Abel maintains a hectic social schedule but insists on assisting others and re-educating people on the need for social change and justice.

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