Smashed Avocado and Eggs Benedict

Who needs avocado toast and $15 egg benedict for Sunday brunch when you can make it at home!


Ingredients (Egg Benedict): 1 serving

For Hollandaise sauce ( This sauce is quiet hard to make, I will post a separate video instruction on how to make this thing)

• 3 egg yolk

• 3 tps fresh lemon juice

• 2 tbsp of butter

• 2 tps of water

• Salt, white pepper, paprika

For the egg muffin

• 1 english muffin

• Canadian Bacon/ Smoke Salmon

• 1 egg

• chive

• arugula (optional)


1) First thing you want to do is to make the hollandaise sauce

2) Melt down the butter to liquid and let it cool down a bit

3) Boil up water in a sauce pan to boil then turn the heat to low

4) Whisk the egg yolks in a glass bowl over the boiling sauce pan

5) Add water, lemon juice, salt, pepper and constantly whisking the mixture

6) Slowly dripping the melted butter into the mixing bowl ( I can’t stress this enough, only dripping it. If you pour too much in, the sauce will break instantly) and just keeeeep on whisking

7) When the sauce get thicker, get the bowl off the heat immediately and keep it warm somewhere

Now let’s work on the egg muffin

1) Butter the egg muffin inside and toast it over a pan(cast iron would be ideal)

2) When the butter turn golden color, take it off

3) Place the arugula first on top of the muffin

4) Place the bacon/ salmon over

5) Now you can poach your egg

6) Boil up water and put 2-3 tps of vinegar in there.

7) When water is boiled, put the heat to low-med

8) Create a water vortex by stirring your chopstick

9) Break an egg whole and drop them in there

10) Close lit 90 sec, taking it out into a papertowel

11) Place them on top of the muffin

12) Take a spoon of hollandaise sauce and dress them on top

13) Put some paprika on top of the sauce

14) Chop up chive and put them on top as well. And you’re done!

Avocado toast

• Basically you just need to crush your avocado with a folk, squeeze lime juice, salt, pepper, and chop up cilantro and start mixing