How Awesome God’s Deeds Are

How Awesome God’s Deeds Are

How Awesome God’s Deeds Are
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Look to the mountains from a terrace on a hillside; behold the grand landscape set before us. Look to the sea and the beautiful waters that lap upon the shore. The billions of stars in the night sky declare God’s glory, as does all creation.

Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
sing the glory of his name;
give to him glorious praise!
Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!”

(Psalms 66:1-3)

God’s awesome deeds manifest everywhere. We can see His handwork in how He had shaped the mountains into glorious fixtures, unmovable except by His Word. We can see how His divine spirit had hovered over the seas, molding its depths for us to marvel. We can see His works unfold every night when we look to the starry sky in awesome wonder. Who are we that God should be so mindful of us?

The whole creation shouts for joy for God’s marvelous works. He set the earth on its axis. He made the sway in the ocean currents. He purposed the drifting clouds in the sky for our imagination. He created the trees as protectors of our souls. He poured His heart into brooks, streams and rivers so that we could look upon those waters and never forget the power of His spirit.

In all things, God’s power is great, mighty and good. Nothing comes close to His wonderful majesty. Always remember how awesome God’s deeds are.