Stolen Packages – Abel Prasad

Defend yourself against “porch pirates” and other would-be package thieves.

We share an office in Kent Town and our neighbours have complained about numerous packages being stolen.

Many of the businesses around us are marketing companies, electronic suppliers and hydroponic stores.

So many businesses are getting fed up and we are talking as a collective to install a lock box which all packages would get delivered too and we all get keys to check it.

I wanted to list some cheaper methods to help with package thefts.

  1. Enlist a neighbour and give them authority to sign on your behalf
  2. Have packages delivered to your office and not to your home address
  3. visit Australia Post and signup to a PO Box Facility
  4. Install dummy or real security cameras
  5. Sign up for Australia Post delivery notices.

This should hopefully help with theft attempts.

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