Want to lose weight?

by Abel Prasad

With the Festive season over many of us have been wondering how to lose the weight and some of us don’t want to hit the gym.

So here are some quick ways to lose 500 calories each day.

Purchase a standing desk. 

Ergolux Pro Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Riser (Medium, Black)

Purchase this desk from Kogan.

Working from 9-5 you often are sitting and hardly moving, by standing you actually burn 50 calories per hour. If you work for an average of 7 hours a day that 350 calories just by standing.

Walk instead of sitting

Wanting to catch up with a friend for a coffee, get it to go and go for a walk around the suburb. A 20-minute walk burns 100 calories.

Image result for walking coffee

Drink a little water. 

by drinking cold water it can help to burn up to 100 calories. Just as the body burns more energy keeping the body temperature stable in cold conditions, so too does it have to work harder when we expose it to cold liquids and foods.

You might also want to join a gym but I think i’d rather drink cold water and coffee and go for walks.

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