Australian Hyperloop Hope

by Abel Prasad

A hyperloop proposal to transform Australia’s transport system is once again being spruiked, with eye-watering speeds outlined.

The Australian Liberal Party has proposed a transportation Hyperloop which would speed up the time it takes to travel from capital city to capital city.

The hyperloop system would allow capsules contained within large tubes to travel as fast as aeroplanes, with a maximum speed of 1223km per hour.

At this top speed Australians could travel between Sydney and Melbourne in under 40 minutes, Melbourne and Canberra (about 23 minutes), Canberra and Sydney (14 minutes) and Sydney and Brisbane (37 minutes).

Keep in mind that the hyperloop technology has yet to be developed properly but Virgin and HyperloopTT are in the process of developing this technology.

HyperloopTT is now hoping the Federal Government will fund an innovation hub to help prove the technology is safe, efficient and feasible.

I really hope that the Federal Government does invest money into something that will reduce the carbon footprint.

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