Saying Goodbye

I feel bad because I’ve neglected this blog for a while. I’ve been going through some ups and downs mentally.

Yesterday I lost one of the closest people I’ve had in my life. He was a mentor, father figure and brother.

When I got into trouble and punished for a crime I still think about on a daily basis he was there to help support me and bring me back to life.

When I was stalked and criticized he was there to build up my confidence.  He was my best friend and I can’t really say I have too many friends left.

What was amazing is that a few days ago we spoke openly about a new person in my life and he sensed I was happy. He gave me some advice which I took on board. He said I need to learn to trust again, I need to be open to new possibilities and finally, I need to be willing to let others help me through things.

Unfortunately, I was too late and now both are gone, but it’s allowed me to understand and know what I want in life.

I have a past and every now and again it will pop up and bring me down. I honestly don’t have the emotional support behind me to keep going on.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to let things go, you can’t change people’s minds and you can’t fix a wrong that can’t be right.

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