Tinder: The big issues

THANKS to the internet and apps, it’s easier than ever to meet your perfect match. But there’s a big thing we’ve lost in the process.

I’ve used the app and met some amazing people who have become good friends but I have also met people who broke my spirit.

In this modern age we are losing the sight of the goal, where are the old school values.

I started dating a girl recently who I met on Tinder and she lived some distance from me. I live in Adelaide and she lived near the Barossa. In the start it was great we go on with one another and I could see something there.

Our first date was at the Novotel and it was great. We got on like a house on fire. Our second date was at a bonfire and I met her family. Again she was awesome.

We continued on for a while and eventually she said I overwhelmed her because she was use to doing things for herself. When I date someone I like to ensure that I take care of that person.

With her I changed and that was a good thing because it made me a better man and I thank her for that.

As quickly as it started it ended, maybe my old school values was too much and I am sorry for that.

I wish her the best and she will always hold a special place in my heart.

My question is to people, in this modern world can we or should we hold onto old school dating and values?

Abel Prasad South Australia

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