A telescope to see God – Abel Prasad

I love my mother and we all know sometimes our parents get on our nerves.

Today we went to the Hare Krishna Temple in Adelaide and of course, I did the wrong thing. I was meant to have gone into the room and got my blessing but I didn’t. She was so upset with me, but the thing she didn’t know is that I was in the back of the room whilst they did there chanting.

Eventually, I made my way out of the room as more and more people started to come into the room and it became so small and I started to have a panic attack.

As I was leaving I wanted into a small room filled with books, clothing, and pamphlets.

I walked around and picked a few books which jumped out at me and today I wanted to share a small passage.

Question: If God exists, why can’t we see him?


All of us can see God, but we need the appropriate apparatus and procedures just as we would need a telescope to see a distant celestial object.

Consider the following statement of Albert Einstein, “the deeper one penetrates into nature’s secrets, the greater becomes one’s respect for God.” Let’s try to penetrate into the secrets of one of the most astonishing natural phenomena: bird migration.

There is a book written Nature’s IQ written by two Hungarian ISKCON scientists, Hornyanszky Balazs and Tasi Istvan which does into depth about If God exists.

There is no one answer that can be given.

So, to see God, firstly one needs to have the appropriate intellectual apparatus: a deep logical and scientific understanding of the profound order in nature along with its philosophical implications.

Adopting this scientific apparatus and procedure is like enhancing our vision with a spiritual telescope to see God.

So there is the answer, we need to have faith to see God and open our eyes.

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