Arnott’s turns its classic biscuits into little cakes and we’re excited

THERE was a frenzy last summer when Arnott’s launched a line of biscuit-related ice creams. Its new product, which goes on sale today, could create similar pandemonium.

ARNOTT’S biscuits have long been a favourite in Australian households. Whether you’re a Monte Carlo fan, prefer an Iced Vovo or are content just dunking an entire packet of Arrowroot bickies in your tea, chances are you have a favourite.

Can’t choose between having a cake or a biscuit? This is the perfect solution.

Can’t choose between having a cake or a biscuit? This is the perfect solution.Source:Supplied


And if you’re lucky enough to prefer what I call the ‘red packet ones’ (the fancy bickies if you will) then there’s also a chance Arnott’s is turning your favourite treat into a cake.

After cornering the ice cream market over summer with its Wagon Wheel ice cream sandwiches and Mint Slice ice cream, Arnott’s is again adapting its most popular items, this time into adorable mini cakes.

The Mint Slice cake has a gooey peppermint centre.

The Mint Slice cake has a gooey peppermint centre.Source:Supplied

Arnott’s new range of cakes are inspired by four of their classic biscuits – Iced Vovos, Caramel Crowns, Mint Slice and Monte Carlo.

They have leveraged similar flavour profiles, and in some instances, the same ingredients so you can rest assured you will recognise the gooey caramel from your Caramel Crowns biscuit or the peppermint cream from your Mint Slice biscuit.

This cake is modelled on the popular Monte Carlo biscuit.

This cake is modelled on the popular Monte Carlo biscuit.Source:Supplied

Ally Doubé, Arnott’s Brand Manager says, “Arnott’s has been a favourite in Aussie homes for over 150 years. We are proud of our baking heritage and the love people have for our brands. We are often asked why we don’t bake cakes, so we dug into our flavour archives for inspiration from some of our most loved and iconic brands. We mixed these together with our passion for baking to create a range of mini cakes for every occasion.”

A Caramel Crown, reimagined as a cake. What’s not to like?

A Caramel Crown, reimagined as a cake. What’s not to like?Source:Supplied

The range includes:

Iced VoVo Sponge Cakes

Iced VoVo Sponge Cakes are a vanilla sponge, topped with pale pink fondant, centred with sweet red raspberry filling and sprinkled with desiccated coconut. The sweet vanilla sponge, coupled with the Iced VoVo icing, raspberry jammy-ness and chewy coconut is the ideal addition with your next cuppa tea.

Mint Slice Cakes

The Mint Slice Mini Cakes are a rich dark chocolate cake, filled with a mint crème (made with the mint oil from Mint Slice!). The Mini Cake is soft to bite into, with a strong mint taste waiting to be discovered in the centre.

Caramel Crowns Brownies

The Caramel Crowns Brownies start with a brownie base, filled with a gooey caramel and are finished with a milk choc layer. The caramel is soft with a sticky consistency – deliciously gooey after 5 seconds in the microwave.

Monte Carlo Cakes

Monte Carlo Cakes are a honey-coloured mini cake, made with golden syrup and coconut, and feature a raspberry jam swirl throughout the cake. At the heart of the Monte Carlo is a light vanilla crème filling.

The new range can be found exclusively at Coles from today.

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