Should we ban smoking at work? – Abel Prasad

I don’t care what you say but the cost of smoking on the Australian Public is too much.

I welcome the latest call from Cancer Council of Queensland who are pushing a ban on smoking in the workplace.

A report published in THE BMJ found that smokers could cost the economy a massive $388 billion over the course of the working lives of the current population.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Chris McMillan stated, “Having a smoke-free workplace not only improves productivity and protect employees from being exposed to second-hand smoke”.

He went on to say “a smoke-free workplace also provides a supportive environment for people that smoke to reduce their habit, or quit altogether.”

Further research by Monash University found that smokers tend to have a higher number of sick days on average compared to nonsmokers, but that they also have more unproductive hours while at work.

I believe that a push towards banning smoking at work will do wonders.

Abel Prasad South Australia

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