The Cost of Influencers

Nowadays when I go to a cafe I see many people just taking pictures of their food and uploading it to Instagram.

With their hashtags and checkins, I wonder how it affects the owners of the business.

Now I do it myself so I’m being a hypocrite but I at least ask the owners if I can tag them in a post or if they aren’t happy with the image.

It is apparent that social media can either make or break a business, people will go to a restaurant based on their presentation and “instaworthy” food.

There have been many cases, for example, the incident that occurred over the weekend with an Instagram influencer waging war about the lack of chicken nuggets served to her child. (you can read more about that by clicking the link)

Cafe owner hits back at mummy blogger’s chicken nugget complaint

In this situation, the influencer published a photo of a plate she purchased for $8.00 showing a handful of chips with 4 chicken nuggets. This meal was for a child under the age of 5 so I assume that would have been more than enough.

This influencer hit back and tagged media outlets in her post.

But Kidspot did their research and went back and asked the owner about the situation and a different point of view was given.

The outcome was mixed by the public and I’m sure both received amazing an excellent publicity boost.

So what is the cost of an influencer? Sometimes it can be advantageous to a business or it can crash and burn not only the business but the staff and the families that depend on its income.

I ask fellow influencers to show compassion and mutual respect to business owners.



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