16 poached egg recipes to give you some breakfast inspiration.

And also proof that you can pretty much top any meal with a poached egg.

The perfectly made poached egg is one that many of us strive to achieve for years. That moment when your egg comes out the pan in the perfect white round bundle, followed by the joy when you realise the yolk is runny all the way through, is a triumphant time in any breakfast (or any other meal actually, there’s not much that can’t be improved with a poached egg).

Because of course there are enough times when you’re left with a sad looking disarray of egg whites in water, which is even more upsetting when they were your last eggs.

It’s only natural then when it does go right, or when you give up and go out for brunch, you want to show it off on social media. Here are some perfectly poached eggs on top of stuff.

1. Original and the best

Healthy Sexy Food@EatSexyHealthy

Poached egg on toast. Cooked to perfection. Perfect start to the day

2. On a mushroom and tomato

Josie’s Slimmables@Slimmables

Sunday morning brunch sorted! We are loving @Josiestweet healthy Poached Egg recipe! More at http://www.slimmables.com 

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3. On a stack of greens

The paiger@paigelinaG

Poached egg w/kimchi,cucumbers,lettuce &carrots. After 3x fails, I finally got it!An ACTUAL poached egg.

4. On asparagus


5.With Camembert and leek

6. On bacon

7. On haddock and greens

8. On mashed up avocado and toast


Nothing beats the perfect poached egg teamed with a bit of

9. On tomatoes


10. On Malaysian roti prata

joo kuang 王权@jookuang

Prata with poached egg. Best. Prata. EVER!

11. In a broth

Hoi Polloi@WeAreHoiPolloi

Springing into Spring with ham broth, wild garlic, poached egg.

12. With smoked salmon and avocado

13. On toast with a side of tomatoes

Jessie Kenneth@JessieKenneth

Poached egg perfection @CaravanExmouth this morning.

14. In a soup

Friends of Ours@friends_ofours

Smoked flaked ham hock & pea soup, with whipped mustard cream and a perfect poached egg

15. Under hollandaise sauce in eggs royale


@valeriecafe Your Tunbridge Wells location is fab. Best Eggs Benedict Royal ever. Chef is amazing. Poached Eggs 10/10

16. This breakfast perfection


@UluruArmagh toast, smashed avocado, pancetta, poached egg, roast tomatoes


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