Mangoes – Dr. Umanand Prasad

I wanted to share with you another poem written by my father.

Its simple but means a lot to me.

Mangoes – Dr. Umanand Prasad

Large mango tree
Laden with fruit
Whether it be baby
Green or ripe
All delicacies’ recruit

Baby is one without seed
Littlest of the lot
Usually left to grow
So that more meat is got

Next is the unripe stage
Green skin with white meat
With the powder of the chilli salt
most delicious eat

Turned into a mango achar
Heavily laden with spice
Eaten daily with lentil
Dahl and rice

Green mango dried
Called mango Khatai
Used in Dahl and curries
Increases one’s appetite

But it is the ripe mango
That I want to talk about
Varieties of this fruit
In the Bazaars abound

Alphonso Maldhawa Langda
Junglee, Lamba, Golka
Smooth shiny and round
Grows on tropical ground.

When they ripen-up
Is the most delicious stuff
Once can eat to heart’s content
The ripened mango pulp.

You can drink its juice
Life becomes spruced
Summer’s refreshing drink
Eternal happiness induced

Mango pulp can be dried
With roti one has tried
Mango can be canned
To colder countries sent

It is men’s ingenuity
Mango’s many faces
It can be eaten
In all of its stages

Baby to ripened mango
It has a place
All forms of mango
Are wonderful
Amazing grace

Nandan feeds mangoes
To monkeys and crocs alike
Ghalib feeds himself
Donkeys left aside

Lovers of mangoes
Enjoyed the many taste
Bitter, sour sweet
Appetite fully sate

This ode I have written for thee
My childhood friend
Your sweet and juicy nature
From Heaven did descent.

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