My Rose Tree – Abel Prasad

I wanted to share another poem by my father. I often will just sit and read whilst in the office. I find it helps me with my day.

My Rose Tree

By Dr. Umanand Prasad

Not so long ago

I watched my rose tree grow.

Green petals and buds

with thousands flowers and more.

Iceberg roses they were called

As white as snow

They lined my garden path

right up to my door.

Full of pride

My heart aglow.

My beautiful rose garden

was something to show.

Then from somewhere

The wild windy winter came.

Leaves fell and petals fell

I was filled with shame.

My tree looked bare

no pleasure to share

No leaves, buds or flower

All had gone in one shower.

Bare branches

With prickly thorns

The rose tree

Greeted me one morn

My leaves

Buds and flowers torn

Will melt with earth

To be reborn.

One day my friend

you will also fall.

Like my leaves and flowers

Branches, roots and all.

To rot to the ground

And then rising tall

To shine once again

In God’s

Beautiful garden hall.


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