The 5500 – Abel Prasad

My father wrote a book of poetry which will be re-published very soon.

When he asked me to type the book for him I did so angrily because it meant most of my holidays went to typing and retyping the book.

I have recently re-read the book and realised that this was the best time of my life.

After the September 11th attacks, my father became upset because he knew his grandchildren would be brought into the world of war and disaster.

I wanted to share this poem with you.


American Attack

Dr. Umanand Prasad

I have no idea, who were behind this violent attack and this violent crime.

But whosoever it was this time, broke the soul of American society in its prime.

In two centuries it had risen to power. Dominated the scene with World Trade Tower.

Demanded respect by show of love, dedicated itself to peace all above.

Destroyed evil whenever and whereever devil raised its ugly head.

Delivered those in bondage, gave them freedom to rejoice. Dethroned tyrants from tyranny and placed them into trial. In court room of Hague.

Dared to duel with devil in a desert storm. Sacked satan in every form.

Who could strike such a nation.. Whose only record has been good intention. Is humanity’s price. Destruction of its soul. Bad man, you have missed your goal.

Harness your power, not to revenge. Harness your strength not to destroy. Harness them to humanity. Like the prophet taught, peace be to his name which you forgot.

Nations you stand for are weak, you bullied them into helping, your help they do not seek. If you wish to help, do with kindness and love not like hawk but like dove.

Guns and destructions are not wanted. Hatred harries the host, where it is harboured. Hatred is all consuming, provides no peace. You must say to hate please cease.

Think of the destruction you have caused. Death of 5500 is on your soul. They were innocent on their day’s work. To the loved ones waiting at home and airports.

Even at last moment they rang to say to their loved ones “I love you”.

Have you one that you can ring and say the same? If no your life is barren, naught the sum of all daring.

Seek love, seek peace. From clutches of hatred, find release. Listen to cry of the innocents, before their death. Moan of the mourners on your soul will rest. I know in your heart yu feel wretched. Prayers for you from all you deserted.

Forgive him that destroyed innocents of a nation. He will be a good man in his next reincarnation.

It’s not a battle of Osama and Bush. To be fought on Mount Hindu Kush. Its a battle of lion and lout. To be flushed out from his hideout.

You could attack the blind scrapers. Would you be that successful with those that have eyes.

For a brieft moment you chaged day into night. Caused destruction and havoc out right. Frightened folks into flight and like a devil in a distant land you danced with delight.

For time being only, you have filled the earth with depravity, distress and death.

But all these, for a few moments. The innocent’s suffering and plight soon from this disaster will alight. A vision, too painful, to behold by your sight. It will be called, an American attack and you will confront, the American might.

I know evil taught, returns to plague. The soul of him, who evil makes. yur number is up, make no mistake. When you behold, the Justice’s face. Like last leaf of winter, you will shake.

Till then O mightly one, look after him. He is on the run, teach him love. From which he hesitates and grant him eternal peace.

Please God make haste.

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