Do I need a mentor?

Employees who were part of a mentoring relationship were found to have significantly higher engagement scores, more fulfilled than employees who were not.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, mentors extend vision, enable proteges to attain greater heights.

In short, mentors provide undeniable counsel and resources that are not necessarily or readily available or accessible. One of the key realities on life’s journey is the fact that no one can ‘do,’ or  ‘go’ or ‘be’ without others. In life, we need others, and others will need you as well.

You will discover that this popular adage holds true, “no one is an island”, we are all connected. I have been fortunate to see how other people’s help, support, insight, feedback, and resources shared at one point or another has played a significant role in my life and I am certain in yours as well.

However, there is a secret often disguised which is the amazing power and value of mentoring, extends beyond an individual. Mentoring is that gift that keeps on giving and I am reminded of this verse of scripture that says, “in the multitude of counselors (mentoring) there is safety.”

I truly believe that!

Here are some of the attributes that mentors must have and these are gleaned from my observations of great mentors. I have had the good fortune of good mentorship over the years and these are some of my observations on people and the community at large.

Here are some undeniable attributes of great mentors:

  • Great mentors show interest in your success
  • Great mentors are vested in your success
  • Great mentors are aligned with your best interest
  • Great mentors focus on helping you be the best you can be
  • Great mentors do not compete with you but rather compliment you
  • Great mentors are not afraid of your successes or threatened by them

Here are 5 reasons why you need a mentor:

Mentors Coach

Mentors coach and prepare you for change.

The economy of the new workforce does not operate solely on hard work but rather on smart work. You need to get smarter about people, relationships, processes, opportunities, and strategies. Great mentors help you get smarter with their wise counsel.

Mentors Motivate

Mentors fine tune and transform your vision.

They provide ideas, thoughts and insights that challenge and enable you to see beyond your sphere of influence. Mentors amplify visions by elevating your thinking capabilities. Mentors elevate you by making their shoulders your platform. They prop you up and this demonstration of trust must not be abused as their extensions is a critical validation that will eventually open doors and grant you access to opportunities beyond your circle.

Mentors Challenge

Mentors push you to go farther.

They refuse to let you settle on your oars and invariably challenge you to go farther than you can possibly imagine. They pat you on the back for your successes, guide you in extracting lessons from your failures and by so doing push you far.

Mentors Protect

Mentors protect you from missteps.

Mentors protect and nurture their proteges from premature exposure. They provide insights on how to navigate political landmines in organizations and how to make sound business decisions in your startup or engagements. Their counsel prevents missteps that could otherwise derail your success. Mentors by their sound counsel guide proteges from ending up in pits.

Mentors Advice

Mentors share life lessons.

Mentors use their stories and perspectives to paint pictures of what is possible. They use words and their actions to support you. Invariably, building you up for more than you ever thought possible. Lastly, mentors never give up on you. They never quit believing, encouraging and engaging their protege. Great mentors assume the vision of their proteges until it is a reality.

Call to Action

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