I’m an Alpha type of guy

It’s not me, it’s you.

Yes, I have an alpha personality but that doesn’t mean people need to think that I am overly aggressive or detached.

Unlike you, a beta personality isn’t going to realise that you are acting a certain way because your personality pushes you in that direction.

This can lead to major miscommunications, first impressions, and relationship struggles.

The key to creating successful relationships with beta personalities as an alpha personality is in understanding what the other person isn’t.

Realizing who you are talking to and the impression you are giving should become one of the most important focuses of your day-to-day.

If you’re an alpha personality, chances are you have a lot of interactions with the ones outlined below.

You may be giving off the impression that you don’t care, that you believe your voice is stronger than others or that you push people too much.

In reality, you feel that you care too much, others haven’t realised the truth and people are being too lazy with their life choices.

So what am I doing, that people don’t realise is a direct result of my alpha personality, and how can I leave them with the right impression.

I’m going to express my opinion

Other alpha personalities will appreciate your transparency and opinion on a particular topic.

Beta personalities may feel like you’re overriding them in the conversation or explain how your opinion is right and theirs is wrong

Leave me alone

As an alpha personality, spending time alone gives you time for self-growth and recharging your batteries.

I’m not one to want to spend much time on mundane tasks or small talk.

I want to be productive when the time is right and relax when it’s not.

When I see it I’ll believe it

Beta personalities don’t tend to see loose obligations, but I do.

You know when somebody says, “Yeah, maybe I’ll be there.” that the chances of them joining are quite slim.

I’m not one to spend time with people who aren’t going to follow through and for that reason, you might seem unattached to certain people.

Instead of trying to explain my reasoning to a beta personality, allow time to run its course.

I take risks in life, business and relationships

Beta personalities don’t want to jump off a cliff and hope their parachute will open. Alpha personalities live for that jump. As an alpha personality, you’re going to want to take risks in life, business, and relationships because you feel a confidence in yourself to find the success you’re envisioning. Beta personalities may try to coax you away. It’s hard to tell somebody how much you believe in yourself. It’s easy to show them. Spend your time taking actionable steps towards the goal you’re looking to achieve and showing that there is no reason to worry, you’ve got it handled.

But that doesn’t mean you should attempt to see eye to eye with those who may be confused by your personality. Successful alpha personalities understand that everyone isn’t thinking the same way they are. As an efficient and strong personality, they tune their personality to support those around them. Instead of pushing their dominance, they find ways to help others rise. They leave a piece of their alpha with every beta that they meet. And this is the key to showing people the true colors residing within a complex and strong alpha personality.


extracts from Powerfulmind

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