Day light savings….

Well, some people don’t know this so thought would share this on my blog.

When does daylight saving end in different parts of Australia?

DAYLIGHT saving time is almost over and this is exactly when you need to turn back your clocks in different parts of Australia.

DAYLIGHT saving is almost over and the time has come to say goodbye to those longer summer days and start figuring out when exactly you need to turn back your clocks.

For NSW, ACT, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, daylight saving time will come to an end on Sunday, April 1.

But while it may mean being back to leaving work in the dark, at least residents in those states will nab an extra hour of sleep on the weekend when it reaches 3am local time and the clocks are turned back to 2am.

Most smartphones will automatically update their times so long as users have it set to the automatic time option and not a manual setting.

Some newer cars may change the clock automatically but for older models you will need to change it yourself.

Other appliances you will have to change manually include watches, wall clocks, microwaves and ovens.

And of course for those non-daylight saving states — Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory — you don’t have to worry about any of this because those states don’t use daylight saving time.

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