My Underworld Life…

There are so many stories about the people who I use to hang out with and people I did business with.

If you are in the crowd you don’t need to mention the people you are friends with because well there is a code.

What I will say is that the friends I made on the outside and on the inside have brought me closer to the realization of who I want to be.

For people who want to understand the lifestyle and why people get involved in organise crime then you need to understand their background.


There are big gaps in our knowledge about how well civil-society initiatives work, including the effectiveness of family-support services that are often available in socially disadvantaged communities.

Across the world, children and young people living in economically deprived areas become entangled in the child protection or juvenile justice systems at much higher rates than their counterparts in more affluent communities.

So when you become a member of a gang or association you automatically become a member of a family. It gives them a sense of belonging and also it gives you an income.

As they continue gaining friends and becoming a member of this family then they also see the income grow and want that income to grow so they commit more and more crimes.

So when you have a family that supports you 100%, then you are earning money why would you want to leave that behind?

Now the people I know have committed many crimes but at the end of the day, that’s all they have ever known.

My aim is to change the way they think and get them out of that cycle by encouraging the younger members to leave the life of crime.

Wish me luck.