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‘Selfish penny-pinching bastard’: Man slammed for asking a partner to pay bills while on maternity leave

AN EXPECTANT mother says her partner made an extraordinary demand of her while she was on maternity leave.

A UK mum has sparked a furious debate online after revealing her partner requested she continues to pay 50 percent of the household bills while on maternity leave.

“I have discussed this with my partner and he would like me to continue to contribute half towards the mortgage and bills,” wrote Mumsnet forum user Rachelone. “To do so I will need to use a redundancy payout that I was given during the first stages of pregnancy. He earns a very high wage.”

Think of me as old school but if the mother of your child is not making any money or is carrying your child then be a man and take care of her.

Where has our entire values system gone?

There where some Reddit users you responded very well to the post.

“I’m pregnant now and got incensed on your behalf as I read,” SVRT19674 wrote. “Selfish penny-pinching bastard — my husband’s words as I told him about it. Charge him by the hour for carrying his baby.”


“If a man isn’t willing to support his partner while she has their baby then I regard [him] as a lost cause,” wrote Timeisnotaline. “Why have a baby in a relationship if you are still expected to go it on your own?

When it comes to family I am very protective of them. I would do anything for my little nephew’s and nieces.

I understand that nowadays people like to keep their income apart but like one user said and I tend to agree.

 “Once we had children all income gets pooled into a joint account,” wrote MaverickSnoopy.

But I leave you with this last statement because it sums up exactly how I feel about the subject matter.

“Whether on maternity leave or not, if you’re in a committed and long-term relationship I don’t see how it can ever be fair if one partner has lots and lots of spare income to play with and the other is struggling to make ends meet,” Elpheba wrote.

“Particularly given you’re off work to care for their child, you shouldn’t then be penny pinching or stressing to pay the bills if they have the surplus to cover it. But I would expect to have these discussions before having a baby together.”

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