The Dark Path

by Abel Prasad

I try to hide you in the shadows,

I am afraid of everything and everyone,

I start to analysis everything,

Overthinking makes me stop living,

I don’t want to survive anymore,

But I tend to see nothing apart from a light,

When I walk into the light it goes dark,

I need to stop, think and breathe.


There are many people who suffer from anxiety, you wouldn’t know it.  I suggest that you do your own research on the subject.

But for the time poor, I’ve gone to the Beyond Blue website and got some quick facts.

Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried. While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure, they usually pass once the stressful situation has passed, or ‘stressor’ is removed.

Anxiety is when these anxious feelings don’t go away – when they’re ongoing and happen without any particular reason or cause. It’s a serious condition that makes it hard to cope with daily life. Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but for someone experiencing anxiety, these feelings aren’t easily controlled.

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety at some stage in their life.1 In a 12-month period, over two million Australians experience anxiety.2

Anxiety is common, but the sooner people with anxiety get support, the more likely they are to recover.

If you are in Australia and need support please contact

beyondblue Support Service
Support. Advice. Action 
1300 22 4636
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