I’m Abel Prasad

Let’s be honest here, I’ve done a crime and I was guilty of it. There are no ifs or buts about it. I’ve served my time and believe that with the help of my family and my church I’ve been rehabilitated.

Was I to be blamed for the entire crime, no but played a role in it and I put my hand up and took the outcome like a man and that shows character.

Am I remorseful for the crimes, of course, I am. Not only have I hurt the people

I am deeply sorry to all those that have been affected by my blatant disregards to the position I held.

When I held the roles I was consumed with wealth and power and had no regard for the people around me. I hurt so many people I loved and cared for. I lost total control of myself and took advantage of the people around me.

Today I look back and realise that you can’t change the past or be granted three wishes to stop the past from happening all you can do is change your future.

So let’s learn a little bit about my past and what I have planned for the future.

I grew up in South Australia, a state which boasts such celebrities like Ryan James “Fitzy” Fitzgerald is a former Australian rules footballer, Big Brother participant, and radio and television personality now living in Sydney; Carleen “Carrie” Bickmore is an Australian talk show and current affairs Gold Logie award-winning television and radio presenter. Bickmore currently hosts The Project on Network Ten and Carrie & Tommy on the Hit Network, also now living in Sydney and finally, James Dixon Swan AO, better known as Jimmy Barnes, is a Scottish-Australian rock singer-songwriter. His career both as a solo performer and as the lead vocalist with the rock band Cold Chisel also now living in Sydney.

Do you see where this story will eventually lead… Sydney.

South Australia compared to its other sister states is considered a small country town, everyone knows one another and if they don’t they will make it there mission to find out as much as they can before the other one does.

Being such a small state people tend to stick with the same crowd oh and the first thing they ask is what school you went too.

I attended one of South Australia’s most prestigious school St. Peters College. St Peter’s College (officially The Collegiate School of St Peter, but commonly known as SPSC, Sancti Petri Schola Collegiata, St Peter’s or Saints) is an independent boys’ school in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. Founded in 1847 by members of the Anglican Church of Australia, the school is noted for its history and famous alumni, including three Nobel laureates, forty-two Rhodes scholars and ten Australian State Premiers.

Did I enjoy my school life, no I didn’t! I was constantly bullied and it caused me to suffer serious anxiety issues but at that time my medical disorder. St. Peters College or to the local’s Saints is known for its arrogant, self-entitled spoilt men. WAIT not men boys!

It is drummed into us that we are powerful men and that we can have anything we want and we can do this with the help of money. Back in 1997 when I started there the median average income per family was around $800,000. Majority of the husbands cheated on their wives and the wives didn’t care because they spent most of their time in Burnside Village.

There was one who wanted to change the course and that was Mr. R. Burchnall who served over 10 years and was removed without explanation. He tried his best and succeed in some ways. He tried to implement a sense of respect within the community which has all since faded away.

So, in other words, my narcasitic behavior started whilst I was at school.

As I grew up I was lost. At a young age, my biological parents decided that they couldn’t afford to raise me and wanted to give me up for adoption. My biological father’s brother quickly took me in as he didn’t want anyone of blood leaving the family.

So from seven months old, I was brought up by two very successful doctors and four sisters.  My aunt became my mother and she did everything for me. She treated me like her own and bathed me with so much love. My father on the other hand constantly held me to a standard, reminding me that my biological brothers and sister are criminals and did not attend school all the time.

It did put self-doubt in my head and eventually resentment because my step-sisters did so much better at school work and eventually professionally then I could.

This is when I started to act out and become a rebel. My grades failed and so did my social attitude. The love of money and wealth become a world I could just fall into and hide away.

Money turned into sex and drugs and then eventually crime.  Am I proud of this? No, and if I had my chance again I wouldn’t go down that path.

In the back of my mind, I knew I wasn’t my father’s son but I still loved him, but I acted out to get his attention. My fathers quest for a son led him to have numerous affairs and children outside his marriage with my mother.  Of course, this was rubbed in my face because he often use to take me around to hide the fact they where his children, I would have to go on holidays with them and so on. As an 8-year-old it was hard to understand yet comprehend what was happening.

I had to lie to my mother about things and my father encouraged that. I became deceitful and to see the hurt in my mother’s eyes knowing I had done that was sad.

As I got older it became easier to tell a lie and to be deceitful and that probably why I became so good at the crime I was caught doing.

After my father died I was even more lost. I was already hanging out with elements that you shouldn’t be hanging out with. People who I thought were friends became enablers.

As I started to enjoy the lifestyle and the people around me my crime became bigger and better and then I met a girl. She was a girl I fell in love with. When I started to see each other I didn’t know at the time she was a stripper flying in from Brisbane to Melbourne. I met her via a friend on Instagram. We both fell in love and soon engaged.

I was accustomed to a lifestyle and she grew to love it as well. At no point did she or was she involved in the criminal side of the business. She may have owned the business but that’s all she did.

The stresses of keeping up this lifestyle eventually caused us to break up in an awful way.

This is when I started to make mistakes which led to my unraveling.

I want to go on and explain more but there is currently pending legal action which should be sorted out soon. Once that is done then I can continue on the subject of WHO IS ABEL?

But I do want to say the past is in the past, yes what I did was wrong and yes what I did hurt so many people.

I can’t change the past but I can change my future.

Give me some faith and see the change in me.

Peace and Respect,



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