Criminal Justice System in South Australia – Abel Prasad

There has been so much talk about the criminal justice system and with the State Election coming up in South Australia I wanted to share some insight into the whole prison system.

People are aware that in 2015 I was arrested and charged with a crime in which I can was guilty of.

Prison isn’t a place I would wish on anyone and the idea of rehabilitation is non-existent. If you want to help yourself then you can’t rely on the Department of Corrections.

For me I had to help myself, all the money in the world doesn’t buy you special treatment or speeds up a custodial sentence.

So let’s go through why Correctional Services don’t have the budget to do rehabilitative courses.

Criminal cases

A 9% surge in criminal lodgements in the Magistrates Court in 2012 coincided with the introduction of new laws aimed at combating domestic violence – the Intervention Orders (Prevention of Abuse) Act 2009 – in December 2011. The establishment of the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit in February 2014, which saw some matters traditionally dealt with by the court managed through the new Unit, preceded the subsequent decline in Magistrates Court criminal lodgements from 2014. The decline in the median time to finalise a criminal matter in the District Court followed the Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Guilty Pleas) Amendment Act 2012, which commenced in July 2013. The Act provides an incentive to plead guilty at an earlier stage in the criminal justice process, by reducing the amount of sentence discount that can be received for a guilty plea in later stages. The Act preceded an increase in the number of persons committed to the District Court for sentencing only (rather than for trial) because they pleaded guilty at an earlier stage in the Magistrates Court. Given that matters committed for the sentence are finalised more quickly than matters committed for trial, this is likely to have decreased the median time to finalisation.

Why are adult prisoners in custody?  (1 June 2017 data)

Remand and Sentenced by Most Serious Offence

What has changed in the last 3 years?

Overall custody %2F discharge figures.png

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