Take my past, forgive my sins.

From alcohol to instagram, pornography to drugs, the things we love or believe we love is slowly killing us.

We need to overcome our destructive and oppressive behaviours and habits.

What we all need is a little perspective and wisdom. We need to start to listen to our elders and go back to the genesis record.

I’m guilty of waking to a reflective screen before the dawn of light allowing bulletins to run wild in my mind, fake new maybe but in reality we believe what we want to believe.

I’ve royally fucked my life up because my need for fame, fortune and lavish lifestyle lead to my downfall; but thats fine because it allowed me to find out who I was meant to be and most importantly where I want to be.

Friends come and go, they might support you they might not, they may hear half truths but in the end, the only people we can really trust is our family. Sometimes they might not see it but they are our true reason for living.

I thought long and hard about why God placed us on this earth. Was it to just work, play and die? No! He gave his only son to us and in giving us his son he gave us the answer.

When a mother has a child she will love that child unconditionally until the end of time. My mother has been my biggest supported and friend. Does that make any difference between our creator and the way he feels about us.

He put us on this earth for two reason:

One because he wanted to love someone and that was us.

Two because he wanted us to love one another.

See I was lost but now am found, I was blinded sided by greed and lust and now my eyes are open to the reality of the world.

We are all guilty of something. I’ll admit i’ve made many mistakes and i’ve caused so much pain and suffering in my short lifetime, but people can change for the better.

I leave this update with a quote that my father said to me a few weeks before he passed away and something i’ve been thinking about for the last few years over and over again.


“When are you planning to become the person you were born to be?” – Umanand Prasad.

Published by Abel Kalpi Nand Prasad

Abel Prasad is a larger than life Australian socialite with a colourful life and a little black book that has some of the most intriguing society personalities. Born in Australia 1987, Abel has a Fiji-Indian background. Abel devotes his time to those institutionalised in the correctional system. He has started to build a reputation within the Hydroponic and Aquaponic industry through his role in the social media influencers. Abel maintains a hectic social schedule but insists on assisting others and re-educating people on the need for social change and justice.

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